Yoga Mantra and Wellness Centre Forster yoga instructor Kim
I love yoga. I started practising yoga after I moved to Forster from Sydney 25 years ago. Before that, I studied Kung Fu for several years.  I am a very busy mum of 6 boys !


A a busy mum of 6 boys, Kim know that her daily yoga practice has kept her patient, aware, present and at most times sane ! Kim has completed 200 hours Hatha training with My Health Yoga, 50 hours Tantric Hatha with The Practice in Bali,  30 hours Kids yoga and she has just completed her 200 hours  Anasara Tantric Hatha training with Christine Du Fresne. This, she finds has been the most amazing growth of self discovery allowing her to feel confident as a woman, a mum and teacher.

“I feel blessed to be able to share my knowledge and love of tantric yoga with others”. Kim brings, love, emotion and total devotion to her classes. Her classes are methodically planned with mantra, pranayama, music and at times, total stillness, allowing you to let go of what the day, let go of the busy and just be within.